Outstanding Investigator Award

This award will be presented to the investigator with the most impactful research in the field of Pediatric Endocrinology.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate applying for the award should currently be a trainee or must be within three years of having completed his/her Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship or any equivalent training program related to Pediatric Endocrinology including DM/ DNB in Pediatric Endocrinology or Endocrinology.
  • The candidate should be a Life Member of of ISPAE at or before the submission of the research paper. Coauthor(s) need not necessarily be Member(s) of the Society.
  • Registration for the conference is compulsory.
  • The proposed research must be original and not previously published either in part or full in any indexed/non-indexed journal.
  • The proposed research should not have previously received a similar award or any other competitive award.
  • Multiple applications from a single institute may be submitted. However, no member can present more than one paper for the award.
  • The paper should not be more than 3000 words (excluding Title page, Abstract, References, Tables, and Figures), and may include up to 3 tables and 2 figures (5 in total). It should be presented and formatted in Times Roman Style with font size 12 with double spacing.

How to apply:

  • Applications need to be submitted online through the ISPAE 2023 Bangalore website.
  • Additionally, candidates need to upload their full CV.
  • The applicant will receive a confirmation mail once the research is uploaded on the website.
  • Applications can be submitted from April 1st, until August 31st, 2023.
  • The applicant must register for the Conference latest by September 5th, 2023.
  • A certificate from the supervisor stating that the research is original will be required.
  • Do not mention the author name and institution in the research paper


  • A total of five best researchers will be chosen by the Selection Committee and they will be expected to present their research paper at the ISPAE 2023.
  • The papers submitted for the Award will be judged by a panel of Judges on the day of presentation at the ISPAE 2023.
  • The researcher with the most impactful research will be selected to receive the “OUTSTANDING INVESTIGATOR AWARD”
  • Decisions taken by the Selection committee and the Judges will be final.

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